Jul 17, 2011

J venile red-tail hawks today July 17 2011

Juvenile Red-Tail Hawk Charlene (female) captured a rat in the field. She was enjoying the tail on the rat. (I did a double check to see if any rats were near me as I only had on flip flops)

Gary, Diane and I were thrilled to see both juveniles today. They looked hot but very healthy.

Young Chance (male) was flying around the hydro towers.

Female Red-Tailed Hawk July 15 2011

Carol and I stopped by Wexford on our way home from the Harlequin Building. We were very pleased to see the female adult Red Tail on the hydro fields. Her belly is almost pure white.

One Red Tailed hawk chasing many blackbirds

Jul 4, 2011

Hide and Seek with the hawks. July 4, 2011

The Wexford Red-Tailed Hawk babies were playing hide and seek with Diane and Gary. Too bad they forgot about me. Found you both.

Can you find me