Jun 24, 2011

Red-tailed Eyas fledge - Report from Diane. June 24, 2011

Ann Red-Tail,

Update: Charlene flew like a dream on the solstice (June 21) and Chance flew within 24 hours (saw him next day with Big Mama on spruce tree), but he might have flown on the solstice as well because there was no one in the nest in the early evening of that day.
They were in the elm tree out back with Big Mama when I left to come here (library). They are eating like little porkers, especially Charlene who mantles her food whenever Mama or Chance come near it.

The neighbourhood folks are quite excited. I keep running into people who are avid admirers of the family and I give them the website and the first thing they tell me is what
a great photo you took of Gary and I.

Great landscapes, by the way. Looking forward to see you soon.

Luv, Diane

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