Mar 21, 2011

Fledged and Adult Red-Tailed hawks in Elm Tree June 23, 2010

See if you can see which is adult and which is juvenile. To see the photos larger double click picture - then go to the blue arrow at the top of the left side to go back to post.
These young hawks look so cute but the killer is inside of them.
Diane and Gary were telling me that they were working in the garden in the back yard, when they heard the screaming of the young hawk. One of the squirrels was running across the hydro line with the young hawk chasing it with talons out and screaming. The squirrel lived to see another day. Diane said it was exciting and horrifying at the same time. Watching my own nest for two years I totally understand what she means. You want to see them hunting but don't want them hunting your birds or squirrels in your yard.

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